Yesenia Ramirez

Yesenia Ramirez

Yesenia Ramirez

Name: Yesenia Ramirez


Nickname: Yesi


Where are you from: Glendale, CA


Where do you live now: Altadena, CA


Years Skating: 16


Stance: Regs


Wheels and setup: Underground Paradigm S-Type size 54mm, Lipstick board 8.25, Ace Trucks 44s, Bones Swiss, Jessup grip tape


Sponsors: Underground Wheel Co, Lipstick Skateboards, Bones Bearings, Kingswell, Ace Trucks, Highland Peak Co, Quack Wax, and Kingswell Skateshop.

Favorite Video Part or Vid: Baker 3!!!


Personal statement: Just keep pushing forward towards better days


Goals: BE HAPPY!


Favorite tricks: Varial heelflip, kickflip, and faking bigflip 


Favorite skaters: Underground team, Andrew Reynolds, Paul Rodriguez, Kevin Spanky Long, Gabriel Martinez, Chase Newton and Amaury Hernandez (forever).


Favorite spots: I'll skate anywhere


What you can't live without: Chapstick and my dog Nippet


Where would you be if you didn't skate: Woah! That’s a scary thought. I would probably be running around with animals in the forest.